About Us

Your support and word-of-mouth means everything!! We choose to regularly donate a portion of our proceeds in the form of books to non-profit groups. Some of the groups we’ve chosen to help: Joshua House, The Children’s Home, The Pajama Program, Books from the Heart, Bess the Book Bus, Healthy Start of Florida, Shriner’s Hospital for Children, The Spring, The Haven, My Stuff Bags Foundation, and Eckerd Youth Alternative just to name a few! This book belongs in every hand that is open to receive it…will you choose to help?????

Chandler J. Carr was age 7 when he drew the artwork in this book. He plays wonderful guitar, loves video games and drawing, and wants to be a video game designer when he grows up. He says that one of the most special things about him is his creative mind. Suzin H. Carr is the author of I Choose, I Choose Too!, and Yo Elijo, the wife of James, and the mother of Chandler. She lives in Florida where she juggles the life she chooses and is grateful for countless blessings and immeasurable joy. Suzin is available to speak to your local school, club, or scout troop. Topics include the message of the book, the book printing process, and following your dream as an artist or writer.