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If you have a comment or question about our books, please contact  SUZIN@ILLUMINATEDPUBLISHING.COM

Things we celebrate:

 –Localshops1.com “Most Community-minded Business for 2013″

 –Chosen as a CRAVE Woman for the 2011 Tampa book

–Interview – 02/15/2020 AT 12:30 PM on Miggs and Swigs 102.5 FM Tampa.

 –Chosen to be a featured speaker at the June 2011 ECC Conference Tampa  

–LocalShops1.com “Most Community-minded Business for 2010” 

–I Choose gets Honorable Mention in the Los Angeles DIY Book Awards 2010 

–I Choose is the First Place winner in the 2009 Florida Writer’s Association Royal Palm Literary Awards (Children’s Category)

Kudos from readers:

Lois B.: “We are very impressed with the finished product and anxious to give 3 as gifts”. “I wanted to see the book that I have heard so much about for myself. It is amazing! Great message!

H.W.: “It is touching, it is freeing, and it’s terrific. We will be ordering many more for our family and friends. It’s a great book to teach self-esteem”. “It makes me smile”.

Sandra H.: “What wonderful illustrations and what a wonderful book. The push I needed to get out of a negative funk I was in”.

Larry W.: ” The message that we all choose to be and to feel as we do is as important for seniors as it is for juniors. Thanks for reminding us”.

Roger H: “I keep your book on my desk as a reminder that everyday…I Choose”.

TB: “There has been a lot and I mean A LOT of discussions lately about the choices he makes, particularly all the negativity he chooses to let rattle him and the tapes that continuously play in his head. There I am saying “you have a choice, you don’t have to let that bother you, you can choose to be happy.” And then you appear with your book – just amazing timing. I know it will touch his life and the lives of his children. Absolutely – please share my comments. If they help one other person they were worth typing.”

From a second-grader: “I choose joy. I like it!”

Beth (an educator): “Keep up the wonderful work. Kids need to learn that life is about choice. Blaming others for our own choices is too prevalent. I am so excited about the books.”

So many kudos to mention…want some more? Check out www.facebook.com/illuminatedpublishing on Facebook for regular posts! Choose well.

Chandler and Suzin say: “Thanks for spreading the word. Peace.”

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